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Electric & cordless drills users need Bit-Grips.

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Fits the body of electric drills and the battery of cordless drills to secure drill bits & screws close at hand.

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Wrap the Bit-Grip on a cordless drill battery to put an end to drill bit loss.

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Makes piloting a hole quick and easy.  Your drill bit, counter sink bit, pencil and screw are all secured on the sawhorse, drill or ladder.

It's not just for woodworkers. Turn a shaving cream can into an instant travel kit

Turn a visor into an organizer!

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If at all possible, screw.  Why?  

(Be sure & read our Tips on screwing.)  

Following are three reasons I think screws are usually the best choice.

1:  Screws can be easily removed.  I really believe this is reason #1 to use screws.  I think of everything as a work in progress.  I never know whether I will need or want to change work I've done.  The future is uncertain, thus you should always choose to screw when possible.  Also, when screwing or nailing, I often screw up.  With screws, you simply remove them and fix the problem.  Removing nails may lead to damaging your project. With the Bit-Grip you can store the removed screw on your drill.  When you need to replace it, you don't waste time looking for a screw.  

2:  Screws are much easier to control.  Whether using a hammer or nail gun, exact placement of a nail is almost impossible.  Screws don't really suffer this limitation.  By pre-drilling/piloting a hole with a sharp bit, you can almost guarantee perfect placement of a screw.  With the Bit-Grip you can store your drill bit, screw and driver right on your drill!

3:  Screws are less destructive.  When banging a nail, you are banging or at least shaking everything that nail is attached to.  This banging can cause previously installed nails and other hardware to work themselves loose.   When renovating, this is especially important to consider.   The Bit-Grip is loved by renovators.

1:  When screwing you want a tight fit.  Pilot your holes with a bit that is smaller than the screw.  The bit to screw ratio is not a hard & fast rule.  I make my choices depending on the hardness of the wood and the screw.  For instance, I would probably make a bigger pilot hole for a soft metal screw like brass than I would for a stronger steel screw.  A safe bet is to pilot a hole that is the diameter of the screw if it didn't have threads.  Look at a screw and I think you'll know what I mean.

2:  The width & length of the screw is important.  Don't use a bigger or longer screw than you need.  Also, don't use a smaller or shorter screw than you need.  It's not rocket science, so don't pull out your slide rule, just use common sense.

3:  When doing a lot of screwing, use protection.  Wear eye protection and don't strip your screws.  Stripping the screw by damaging the head or the threads is unnecessary.  Set your drill strength so that the drill stops when you get sufficient resistance.  DeWalt & other cordless drills have these feature.  I love it.  On the DeWalt drills, it is a collar that rotates.  Also, DeWalts have a speed switch that is helpful.

4:  Everything ages, but try not to let it affect your screws.  Use screws that won't corrode quickly.  This is true with nails also.  Over time, everything corrodes.  Just fight this fact of aging by using coated or aluminum or some other sort of corrosion resistant hardware.  

SUMMARY:  Choose to screw when possible.  Of course it depends on the job.  I'm not suggesting framers should screw when framing a house.  And sometimes you have to use a finish nail and sometimes you just feel like really nailing something.  But in terms of hold, a good screw can't be beat. 

Was this clear?  Was it helpful?  Do you have any questions?  If you have any questions or comments, please write Bit-Grip  If you want to be put on the Bit-Grip Man alert list, email Bit-Grip Man with your e-mail address.  Whenever Bit-Grip Man posts a new project, he'll automatically alert you.  All e-mails are kept in strictest confidence and will not be sold for any purpose.  



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