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Sawhorses: Free Plans & Pix



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Thanks for posting the sawhorse instructions on your website!  I'm a 44 yr old single mom, learning to use a circular saw for the first time.  I have to admit the project took me much longer than 1 hour, but I never gave up hope!   

The sawhorses turned out so well I was even inspired to paint them...  :)  (see attached photo).  And I'm feeling so much more at ease using my circular saw now.   In the end, my neighbors have found a new respect for me....    Onward and upward to bigger and better projects!
-  Donna, Phoenixville PA

Pair of sawhorses from Canada

Thanks for the free sawhorse plans on your website. I followed them and now am the proud owner of a matching pair of sawhorses. My dog was indeed unimpressed during (and even after) the construction. My 4-yr old daughter has now adorned them with attractive coloured chalk drawings. Thanks again and greetings from Vancouver, Canada.

I've attached a photo of the pair of sawhorses, and my construction associates.  - Mark from Vancouver, Canada.


Build a sawhorse for under $8 in less than an hour.

 This sawhorse project is suitable for anyone that can use a measuring tape, drill and circular saw. 

Following are Quick, Easy & Free Sawhorse Plans.

Bit-Grip Man's Completed Sawhorse with Bit-Grips.

Should I use screws or nails.  Click here for info.    

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Bit-Grip Man with 2 long 2x4s.jpg (272559 bytes)


Materials needed:  

Three - 8 foot' 2x4"s, 

Two - 4" wide 40" long pieces.  This piece can be anywhere from 1/2" up to 2" thick This is for the left to right brace pictured above and in Step 4. 

Approximately 50 - 2.5" wood screws.

Tools needed: Circular Saw, pencil, measuring tape, drill, drill bits & Bit-Grip or Hold-It (see below.)
Bit-Grip Man sawing 2x4's.jpg (271159 bytes)


Step 1:  Cut the pieces.   The first step is to cut most of the pieces you'll need.  Having everything cut in advance will speed you through the project.  

First cut 2 40" pieces.  These will form the ridge in step 2. Next cut the four 36" pieces. The four 36" pieces are the legs of your sawhorse.   All six pieces are cut from the 2x4's.  


Bit-Grip Man with 2 40" 2x4's.jpg (130297 bytes)


Step 2:  Form the Ridge

The ridge is formed from the two 40" pieces cut in Step 1.


Bit-Grip Man holding 2 40 inches perpendicular.jpg (191424 bytes)


Put the 2 40" pieces together in a perpendicular fashion pictured to the left.  


Bit-Grip Man screwing ridge piece together.jpg (199873 bytes)


With Bit-Grip on drill, screw the two pieces together with at least 4 screws from bottom piece into top piece.  You may need to pilot holes for the screws.  You should have your screws, small bits and screwdriver bits stored in your Bit-Grip to make this quick & easy.


  Voila - we have the ridge piece!
Unimpressed observer Don't worry if observers aren't that excited by the step-by-step process.  They'll be impressed by the final product.
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Bit-Grip Man measuring from top.jpg (238024 bytes)

Step 3:  Attach the legs.  

Now we will mark the ridge for placement of the legs.  Measure 1 1/4" from top and 1 1/2" from right. Bit-Grip Man measuring from right.jpg (79292 bytes) Make a mark. This mark is where you will position top outside corner of leg.  You will need to make this mark on both ends of both sides of the ridge.


Click Pix to enlarge Click Pix to enlarge

Bit-Grip Man showing leg straight.jpg (213180 bytes)

You can set the top pieces on the ground and then position first leg at mark you just made.  Be sure that leg is aligned at a 90 degree angle to top piece.  How do you know it is straight?  Use the reveal (the 1 1/2" of top piece showing) to line up the leg.   For a more exact line up use a carpenters square. The picture to the left shows how it looks when the leg is accurately lined up. 

Bit-Grip Man pointing out that leg is not straight.jpg (214503 bytes)

The picture to the right shows an improper alignment

Bit-Grip Man screwing leg  into ridge.jpg (251505 bytes)

With screws stored in your Bit-Grip, screw leg to ridge with at least 4 (four) 2 1/2" screws.  Two of the screws should go into each of the top pieces.

Align each leg in same manner.  You're almost done.

Click Pix to enlarge Click Pix to enlarge
Bit-Grip Man marking leg brace.jpg (213295 bytes)

Step 4:  Brace your new sawhorse.

Using leftover pieces, make a brace for between the legs.    Make a mark 12" from top of each leg.  This mark is for lining up brace so that you can mark it for cutting.  To mark for cut, hold brace against leg so that top of brace is flush with both marks.  Next hold pencil against leg while making a mark on brace piece. (The pencil can be stored in your Bit-Grip.)   Make this mark for both legs (If this is confusing click on picture for more detail - I hope this helps).  You will need a brace for both ends.  Cut 2x4 along these two diagonal lines.  This cut is best performed with a chop saw but can be done with a circular saw.  Be careful.


Bit-Grip Man attaching brace.jpg (216232 bytes) Place newly cut brace in place.  Screw in with at least two screws on each side.  Go from outside of leg into brace.  Repeat this procedure for both ends.
Bit-Grip Man pointing at side to side brace.jpg (213981 bytes) Brace legs side to side.    Attach a board (at least 4" wide) from left to right leg.  This piece should be screwed with at least 2 screws in each leg.  This is a brace used to stop side to side movement.  Braces are needed on both sides of sawhorse.  
Bit-Grip Man pointing at leg with Bit-Grip on it  Bit-Grip Man pointing at drill hanging from Bit-Grip & screw on sawhorseClick here to learn more about the Bit-Grip drill bit & screw holding belt.  
Freedom taking credit in front of sawhorse

Freedom taking credit on osb on sawhorses

Notice how once doubting onlookers want to take credit for your work.





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