The Bit-Grip holder has lots of uses. 

Click on pictures for enlargements.

For your drill, ladder, sawhorse... almost anywhere! 

As seen on CBS News, CNN, and the  Discovery Channel.

Great gift idea!

 Everyone that uses electric or cordless drills needs a Bit-Grip.

BD_hand_300_dpi_3.5_inch.jpg (7236 bytes)

Put an end to drill bit loss.

Closeup_8_bit_2.5_89_dpi.gif (24940 bytes)


Great for Chainsaw Blade Covers


Visor_8_bit_no_bg_4_x_2.gif (60007 bytes)

Visor 300 dpi 3.5 inch.jpg (423972 bytes)

On a Car-Visor

radial good.jpg (228269 bytes)

Radial Arm Saw

use drill barn good CU brighter smaller.jpg (86558 bytes)

Cordless Drill

File going into shave can.jpg (31114 bytes)

On a Shaving Cream Can.

chainsaw_picture_350K.jpg (50286 bytes)

Chainsaw Blade Cover

thermos 8 bit no bg.gif (27413 bytes)

On a Thermos.

Ladder_8_bit_adaptive.gif (28476 bytes)


blow dryer 3.2MB.jpg (221255 bytes)

Hair Dryer

sawhorse complete.jpg (325045 bytes)


propane with kettle.jpg (294691 bytes)

Propane Tank

g drill on sawhorse CU.jpg (232380 bytes)

Electric Drills

drill_hanging_from_screw_on_sawhorse.jpg (75742 bytes)

Hang your drill

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